If you are looking to rent but you’re not sure where to start or what’s involved, take a look at the FAQ’s below to help you out. Our fees are listed at the end of the FAQs.

Q: I want to find a place to rent. What do I need to consider?

A: Look at what budget you have for a rental property. Deduct your common outgoings from your monthly income and that will give you a good indication of what rent you will be able to afford. It is worth bearing in mind that your first month will be more expensive as you have the bond and fees to pay as well as the rent.

Q: I’ve found a place I really like. What’s next?

A: We usually ask for a holding fee of £250 (which is deducted from the first months rent). This secures the property while we are processing your application. It is important to be honest about any adverse credit or potentially bad references as you could loose your holding fee and application fees. However, if we are made aware of these things beforehand we can discuss this in detail with you prior to fees being paid.

Q: What I.D or documents do you needs?

A: We ask for a proof of Photo I.D (passport or driving licence), which has to be in date. Proof of address is also required (council tax bill, utility bill within the last 3 months). We also ask for proof of income (last 3 months payslips). If you are self employed we ask to see the last years tax return and will require you accountants information.

Q: Is referencing necessary?

A: Yes but it is nothing for you to worry about. The referencing process reassures the landlord that the you are able to pay the rent each month and that you will be able to look after the property. We will confirm your employment, salary, previous address, and where possible, get a reference from a previous landlord or personal reference from your place of employment.

Q: What is a guarantor?Will I need one?

A: A guarantor is a person that you know over the age 18 and a UK homeowner (usually a parent or guardian) who is prepared to pay the rent in the event that you are not able to (so you both will be jointly responsible). We ask for a guarantor for applicants under 25 or if your credit is unsatisfactory.

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A: The deposit is required to cover any costs of damages (other than wear and tear) at the end of the tenancy

Q: What happens to my deposit?

A: We are required to register your deposit with an approved deposit scheme. Your deposit will be secured with DPS (Deposit Protection Service). Once protected, you will receive details of the scheme.

Q: What is a Tenancy Agreement?

A: A tenancy agreement is a contract which both you and the landlord (Or letting agent on behalf of the landlord) sign. This commits you both to the term of the contract as well as the rules that you should both adhere to.

Q: What is an inspection and why are they done?

A: An inspection is where the landlord or agent will arrange a convenient time with you to come to the property and ensure that it is being well looked after. It is also the perfect opportunity for tenants to report any maintenance issues. It is favourable for both tenant and landlord. We do inspections every 3 months (which is standard).

Q: Who is responsible for property repairs?

A: The landlord is responsible for making sure that the property is maintained and in a good state of repair. If, however, damage has been done by you, you will be required to cover the costs. You will either report direct to your landlord or to us as the Agent. Please make sure you are aware of who you need to report to at the start of your tenancy.

Q: I want to make the house to my liking.Can I decorate?

A: A tenant can only make changes to the property with the express permission of the landlord. We would recommend that any agreements made between you and the landlord / Agent, regarding permission to decorate, are in writing.

Q: Can a landlord just enter the property that I live in?

A: The landlord should always give you notice before entering the property unless it is an emergency.

Q: How can I end my Tenancy?

A: If you are in a fixed term (e.g.you signed up for 6 months but you want to leave after 2 months), you will be liable to pay the rent each month until the fixed term is finished. If your fixed term has ended and you are on a rolling contract, your tenancy agreement will inform you what notice is required and when. If you are unsure, you can always call us.

Q: What are the Fees?

Applicant 1
Application fees £100.00
Credit and Referencing fees £75.00

Further Applicants (Age 18+)
Application fees £100.00
Credit and Referencing Fees £50.00

Guarantor (If applicable)
Application and Referencing £100.00

Fee payable at the outset of tenancy £125.00

Tenancy Renewal
Tenancy Renewal fee £100.00

Other Fees
Duplicate tenancy agreements £25.00
Rent schedules £25.00
Landlord/agent reference £25.00
Late rent letters/ missed appointment letters £25.00
Breach of contract letters including £25.00
Refund of rent paid in error (failing to cancel standing order) £25.00
Arrange contractor – To rectify tenant created problem £25.00